How to make a jewelry product for Imvu

This tutorial will walk you thru creating the earrings used in the picture to the left. They are good sellers and easy to make!

Make sure you are signed up as a developer for IMVU. To qualify for this you must own your name and have read and agreed to the developer TOS. Signup as a creator. Creating costs money to put things in the catalogue and the cost of a this pair of earrings will be 485 credits, real credits not promos.

Before we get into the making of them I want you to do a few things.

First I want you to make a folder on you desktop and call it earrings. Todo this right click on any blank part of your desktop and select New, and then Folder and name it earrings.

Then I want you to go to my free texture samples page and save one of more of the sparkling textures you want to use as the base of your earrings. Go to this page Click Here and save at least one of jewellry texture pictures to the earrings folder you just made on your desktop.

Every product we put in the IMVU catalogue also needs an icon. These have to be exactly 100 pixels long and 80 high. You can make one later by taking a screen shot and saving, or you are welcome to use my one. Save this to the earrings folder as well.


Normally when we are developing we have a products that we want to derive from in mind. For the purpose of this tutorial I'm going to choose one for us, all products are basically the same process, so once you know how to make one, you can go about making others. For this tutorial we will be deriving from Product 6860800, I'm  giving you an icon to use if you want to make your own I have a basic icon making tutorial here however if its your first product.. just use my example make your own next time.

Have a break! Clear your head, And make sure you have no distractions for the next 30 minutes.

Lets Make The Earrings Click Here


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