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Jewelry textures for imvu use with earrings and pendants

If you just arrived on this page and have not made products before I suggest you read IMVU jewellery making tutorial

Make a folder on your desktop and call it earrings. Right click on the icon picture and save it to the earrings folder you just made. Then select one of the textures I have below and save it to the same place as the icon. These textures were created in Photoshop, size is 128x256. Filterforge and some metal gradient overlays used for effects.

Rights Of Usage:

You can use these textures for any product you want on IMVU, you do not own the textures just the rights to use them. You can not resell them, upload to another internet site/ file sharing medium nor remove my watermark. However you can make derived products for IMVU, sell them in the catalogue! and keep EVERY CENT!

They work perfectly with this Earring mesh Product : 6860800 But there are literally thousands of meshes they will work with, earrings, pendants, belly and head rings

Read and understand the rights of usage. Download the textures and opacities you want to use. And get making new products! If your a beginner developer save the icon and the texture you like and read thru my IMVU jewellery making tutorial
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Try these different opacities for a funky effect.

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