How to make Particle Effect Derives for IMVU

In this tutorial I'm going to show you how to change a particle

Most products I've recently made in IMVU classic client the particle is added like a normal texture there's a spot for it, in older products as an example my falling stars particle

The particle is manually dropped in the assets folder, those older products also needed the particle named the same as the orginal

Particles are made from .png files and to add your own to a mesh is VERY simple. Your particle must be the exact same name as the one used in the original mesh. And in the example I use Product 9677068 the name of the particle is particle4u, its a .png file so the full name is particle4u.png

Open the mesh you want to edit in the client, look up the top for the assets folder seen in the picture on the left, click on this to open it, drag your particle into this folder and hit apply.

Particle added.!

Making Particle Textures

Particles are .png files and I recommend making them 128x128 in size, with the actual particle bit being about 64x64. Particles don't work the same way as other textures on imvu. To make them more see thru YOU DON'T AN OPACITY TEXTURE.

Save your particles with no background

The way they are made more see thru is by changing the opacity on the .png file

If your going to make a star with say a blue glow around it make the blue glow part at a lower opacity than the star, play with the settings here, many of my glow effects are set around the 10% opacity mark, for the falling stars I would make it around the 60-70% area.

Some free samples of particle textures

Find more texture making tutorials on my site, pre made texture packs you can buy and more tips for IMVU and LOTS of FREE texture samples.

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