Step by step instructions on how to open a derived mesh manually

Step 1

The software we use to make products for IMVU is built right into the same client that you chat with. Open up the IMVU chat software and look at the main screen. Look at the middle line. Friends | Chatrooms | Chat Now! and to the right of this where there is an arrow graphic pointing to the right.  Click on that arrow

Step 2

The next screen in the bottom middle you will see the create button. Click on That

  Step 3

Look at the options in front of you and click on the one on the far left. " Derive a new product "

Step 4

Step 5

When you click on Derive a new product a new screen will pop up. Look at the part that says " Specify Product ID: and put in this number 6860800 or the number of what ever product you want to derive from. The client will download some information on the product and then display the " Derive" button in the bottom right corner. Click On That
Everything for sale at imvu has a product number, you can find it at the bottom of product pages in the catalogue. When we put this product number in the client it fetches the files needed to make that product.

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