In this tutorial you will learn how to make a hair product for IMVU

 Beginners guide on How to make a hair style product for IMVU

This tutorial will walk you thru creating your first hair style for IMVU. Hair products are good sellers and easy to make! In this tutorial I'm just going to cover the process of changing a texture on a product, and then uploading it to the catalogue, I have some basic hair textures that you can use below and icons. I have tried to explain everything in detail, which sort of makes it all look over complex.. its not. What you will be doing is saving one of my hair colors, opening the imvu client in create mode, telling it to use the new hair color, saving and submitting. The very first time you try this.. allow at least an hour of uninterrupted time, once you have done it a few times it takes minutes.


First time just continue reading down thru the tutorial, if your revisiting you might like to skip to a particular section.

  • Step One Save a Free Hair Texture and catalogue icon.
  • Step Two Open the hair mesh in the IMVU client in create mode.
  • Step Three Change the texture used in the hairstyle.
  • Step Four Saving your new hair and submitting.
  • Step Five Entering the hairstyles name and details.
  • Step Six Publishing your new hair and how to edit it in the future.


Before you begin:

Make sure you are signed up as a developer for IMVU. To qualify for this you must VIP and have read and agreed to the developer TOS. Signup as a creator. Creating costs money to put things in the catalogue and the cost of this hair will be 551 credits, real credits not promos.

Before we get into the making of our hair style I want you to do a few things.

First I want you to make a folder on you desktop and call it "hair". Todo this right click on any blank part of your desktop and select New, and then Folder and name it hair.

I want you now to choose one of the hair colors below and save the texture picture and the smaller icon for the catalogue. Save both of these to the folder "hair" you just made on your desktop

Step One

  - Choose A Colour and save it, with the icon below

Black Hair Texture

Black Hair Icon
Black Hair Icon

Blonde Hair Texture

Blonde Hair Icon
Blonde Hair Icon

Brunette Texture

Brunette Hair Icon
Brunette Icon

Purple Hair Texture

Purple Hair Icon
Purple Hair Icon

Once you have saved the texture color you want and the icon its time to move on to step two

( Download More Than 750 Hair Textures Here )

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Now you have your texture and icon its time to put your product together, all hair styles basically work the same, so once you know how to make one, then you will be able to make tens of thousands of products for IMVU.

( Note: This section will change as IMVU is recoding the client we use to make products. )

Meshes that you can derive from are found in the IMVU store, when you find a hairstyle you like, if you look at the bottom of the sales page you will see the product number in bolded Red and beside that the Derive from product link. For the purposes of this tutorial I'm going to use a hair mesh by OccultBaby Product 7378922

The first time you make something it can be slightly daunting, so just relax, its going to take about 30 minutes of your uninterrupted time, make sure your mentally and environmentally ready and then click on the link below.

Step Two

Click to Derive from product 7378922

( If the Client does not open try opening the derive link off the sales page, This should open the client up with the base hair so we can edit the color. If the client did not open, check that you OWN your name, That you have Signed the creator Agreement, Try opening the drive from link off the sales page, make sure your internet security is not blocking imvu. The other thing you can do is to open the client, then click on the arrow by the inbox section and then click on create, click on derive new product and put in the product number: 7378922 )

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After clicking on the derive from link the client should open with the hairstyle we want to change, it should look like this

To change the hair we need to look at the right side of the panel

To change our hair colour we use the Texture assets Tab in the middle of the screen, it looks like this.

Clicking on this will allow you to change to the new texture you choose.

Click on where it says Edit over the current texture and it will open a search window on your pc, then browse to the hair texture you selected and saved in the "hair" folder on your desktop. Select it by clicking on it.

Step 3

Once you selected your texture it will go back to the client window, here you need to press the "Apply Changes" button, it will be highlighted in the client, click on this and it should apply the new hair texture to the mesh.

This is using the base developing avatar, you can change outfits in client, it does not effect the outcome just how it looks while your making, so let me change from noob me into sexy me.. its the same hair.

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Now you have changed the look of your hair its time to upload it to the catalogue! First of all you need to save it, then submit and enter the products details. If you want a break, take one now! 

Step 4

In the top right hand corner Click on the "Save" button and then click on the Upload button.

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Once we click on the "Upload" button the product submission box will appear, here is where we put in the icon and information like a name for our hair style and a profit!

Just flow thru this one panel at a time, add the icon first and don't forget to set the rating. Look in the red area and it will tell you what else you need to add next, image is the icon..

Step 5

Entering the product information. 

First add the icon image that you saved to your desktop at the start of this tutorial, click on + Add Image and select the small catalogue icon you saved in the hair folder on your desktop.

After you add the icon, give your product a name, select General Audience from the drop down ratings box, put in a profit, I suggest 100-200 credits, add a few keywords separated by comma's that might help shoppers find your product

Once you have inputted your product information the red "Required Fields" section will disappear and you are now ready to submit, So what are you waiting for? Click the "Submit to Shop" button!

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 Step 6

Once you submit you will be taken out of the client and to the product page in the catalogue. Here you need to click on the Red  section and Click the Publish link.

Once you have clicked that your hair is submitted to peer review.


 You can use it and show your friends straight away. Just open the client, go to dress up, refresh your hairstyle inventory and your new hair should be there ready for you to put on. It takes about an hour for products to go thru peer review and about 2 hours until they appear in the catalogue forsale.

If you ever want to edit your hair, change the color, icon or anything there are links in the creator tools section on the bottom of the product page.

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