Making A Texture Animation With Opacity For IMVU

This is an advanced form of animating for imvu using an animated image with an opacity. ( Basic animation tutorial is here ) The example on this page is for animating wings, however the same idea / technique can be applied to many products.

To animate wings I'm using a 4 frame animation, each frame is 256 wide and 128 high, 4 of these fit on my 512x256 base.

Each frame is like a separate image and if we want to use and opacity this has to be the same as our animation texture, its like a cardboard cut out of the shape that we want.

If you want to tinker with the designs I have download the sample texture animation zip here ( Save this file to your pc/ unzip and open. ) Its a zipped photoshop .psd file that can also be opened with Gimp.

To make my animated butterfly wings I derived from WaltzingMouse's original Torn Butterfly Wings Product 32837

I don't use blending in wings as they often over lap when they move an you get an opacity clash, so I find wings always look better with blending off. Below is the settings I use for the graphic above just save the pictures above set one as the main texture and the back and white one as the opacity.

The Frames/Cell part decides how fast the animation will be, 0 is the fastest, 50 is like real slow, 2-8 is normal range. To make the border that sparkles what I normally do is just stroke mask the opacity inside 2 pixels, copy and cut this area, then paste it on top and add noise

texture image tutorial