What Is IMVU?

IMVU is an online virtual 3d chat site, it allows you to have a avatar character you control. You can purchase products for your avatars in the imvu online store. With more than 3 million active users imvu.com is a very vibrant online chat community! Creating virtual goods for these users to purchase for their online identities can be an extremely lucrative hobby or even full time income! Textures123.com sells premade textures for use with imvu.com content creator program.

IMVU.com is a web 3d community similar to Second life and There.com The major difference is with IMVU is that ANYONE can become a product developer. When you first join for FREE, you get a basic character and a simple room, you can dress your AVI character up and buy rooms that you can invite you friends too. Of course all these extra items are available for a small price. As a developer you offer your products forsale in the IMVU catalogue and can set a profit margin for yourself. The credits you make from the sales can easily be converted into real cash, and its a LOT simpler than most people think!!

Make Money Online Developing For 3d Chat Sites Its Easy With Instant Textures

And now read this by Cary Rosenzwieg, the president and CEO of IMVU: http://www.gamasutra.com/php-bin/news_index.php?story=19029
"Much like eBay, we introduced buyers and sellers within the game, and last year we estimate our top developer made $1 million in income, and our top 10 made over $100,000 each. We've never issued a press release in our history and people have come primarily through word-of-mouth."

OMG did you read how much money is being made!

Join the IMVU community, purchase your name and then set your account as a creator and have download and installed the Previewer developing software.

Join IMVU | Buy Your Name ( cost $7.95 ) | Set Account As Creator | Download Developing Software

You don't need any prior skills! You don't need any 3d art or programming qualifications, in fact if you know how to email someone a picture you pretty much have all the qualifications you need!. Once you have submitted your first product its just a matter of repeating the process.

Increasing the amount of products you have in the catalogue increases your profit! Download Hair!

 My hair textures will save you hundreds of hours in work, are legally yours to use and are not swapped all over the internet and have the potential to make you thousands of dollars! Most but not all are 256x256 in size uncompressed full quality.