Sliver Glitters and Diamonds

Sparkling diamond and glittering silver are the most used and what I have the most off. There are dark to light diamond glitters. These textures will instantly turn you in to a master diamond bling maker! With most meshes its as easy as selecting a texture, ticking the light illumination saving and uploading. Diamonds Sell !

Glitter textures make products on IMVU sparkle! They are mostly used with accessories like rings and bling however you can use them in clothing, rooms and furniture as well, wherever you want a sparkling effect really. The idea of the Glitter Texture download is to give you enough textures so you can make an endless amount of products for the IMVU creator program. Buying textures saves you time, increases your catalogue quality and can make you extra money by having better and more products in the catalogue. The Glitter Texture Pack is an instant download, included is hundreds of sparkle effect textures

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Buy The Glitter Image Pack Click Here sells instantly downloadable texture art for 3d chat sites like Use our texture art to easily create Pro level products with little or no skills! Build up your texture stock images to quickly produce profitable items in the shortest amount of time. Easy Hair Textures | Easy Jewelry Textures