Pre Made Jewellery Textures

This is a selection of hundreds of textures in 5 shapes premade to use in your IMVU jewellery and accessories projects. Included is the PSD files! So you can see exactly how they are made and easily edit your own. But only if you want to as they are ready to go straight after downloading! You get the textures, different opacity maps and about 30 meshes that I suggest however there are 100's in the catalogue these are suitable for. There's 5 basic shapes, Hearts, Diamonds, Stars, Teardrops and Crosses. Each of these shapes has 100 or more textures and there's 39 opacities.

Hearts ( 103 Textures 7 Opacities )

13.jpg 23.jpg 97.jpg 32.jpg 49.jpg

Stars ( 98 Textures 9 Opacities )


17.jpg 30.jpg 40.jpg 38.jpg 99.jpg

Teardrops ( 116 Textures 10 Opacities )

03.jpg 117.jpg 14.jpg 112.jpg 102.jpg

Crosses ( 101 Textures 3 Opacities )

01.jpg 04.jpg 05.jpg 06.jpg 19.jpg

Diamonds ( 110 Textures 10 Opacities)


06.jpg 105.jpg 107.jpg 108.jpg 109.jpg sells instantly downloadable texture art for 3d chat sites like Use our texture art to easily create Pro level products with little or no skills! Build up your texture stock images to quickly produce profitable items in the shortest amount of time. Easy Hair Textures | Easy Jewelry Textures